Dag is what happened when my son fell in love with a hand-me-down cotton sweater. It was three shades of red, machine knit in pieces with set-in sleeves, garter stitch with folded-over hems, and it fitted him perfectly for nearly two years. I had to recreate that sweater. Along the way I dropped many elements and wound up with a very different sweater. I also added a girls’ version, Dagmar, for my daughter.

Dag means day in Danish, and Dagmar means Day Maid. I am probably not the only parent who thinks my children are bright as day—so why not dress our little ones accordingly? Choose one, two, or three beautiful colors and knit up a sunrise. I chose garter stitch to match the original sweater and because I think it is just more interesting, not to mention squishier—but I like it in stockinette too.

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